Facts you didn’t know about Delhi .

The capital of India Delhi , it is often consider a “dilwaalon ki dilli” . There a lot of fats about Delhi , some of them are related to Ancient times or historical period and some of them also related to the three branches of Goverment of India . The most developing cuty in the world is Delhi which is further being developing . Today I’m going to tell you about the facts of Delhi.

public transport

1. 4th best voted in route and public transport with cheap or low budget is Delhi metro .Delhi metro standard on 13 position that has the lagest metro rail network in the world . The length of station is 193 killometers. There are different lines are available in Delhi metro station are yellow,megenta,purple,blue etc are the different lines . Blind people can also take help from Delhi metro because the yellow line s just made for . It is the best and friendly tool for people. It is one of te facts of delhi

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businesstoday.in/amp/latest/trends/story/delhi-metro-services-on-airport-express-line-to-get-delayed-till-november-end-351747-2022-11-03. Side

• Delhi Metro is the 12th largest metro network in the whole world. And it’s the alternate-stylish in the world too. Super affordable, good connectivity, trains at frequent intervals – what differently does one need? Around2.4 million people use the Delhi Metro every single day. Well, that explains the endless line at Rajiv Chowk.

Source: https://www.businesstoday.in

2. The entire public transport system in Delhi runs on Compressed natural gas (cng) . From all the DTC buses to auto rickshaw are all . It is second of the facts of delhi


source: https://fineartamerica.com/

Bird sanctuary

3. Delhi is the second most bird-rich capital in the world . After , Nairobi ,kenya Delhi stands the second most bird rich capital in the world . The Delhi ridges has a large number of bird species .Who knew New Delhi would be the alternate-stylish raspberry-rich capital megacity in the world, coming to Nairobi in Kenya? Well, we did. And the officers at the Delhi Ridge most clearly did. 3rd facts of delhi

The massive crest is a timber area with beautiful walking trails and special spots for raspberry- suckers. It’s divided into four main zones, so you can choose the place for your morning jam depending on which part of the megacity you live in. We say, raspberry- vengers, assemble.( yk, like punishers, assemble? No? Ok.)

Fly source: https://fineartamerica.com/


4. Khari baoli is the largest spices market in the Asia. The market was established in 17th century situated near to fatehpuri masjid . The fragnance of this market is spread all across the area area , which attract the tourists and people.


source: https://planetofhotels.com/

Heritage places

5. Delhi’s oldest library , Hardayal Muncipal Library , has 8000 rare book worth million out of shock of 170,000 . Location :Community Centre, Ist Floor, Pocket-F, Phase-II, Mayur Vihar, Pocket A, Pocket F, Mayur Vihar Phase II, New Delhi, Delhi 110091, India.

source: https://zikredilli.com/

6. Red fort was original white in color . The red fort which defines the almightness of Delhi , used to be white initially . Earlier , the Red fort was build bg the lime stone which is white but after some time it get start changing their colour due to acid rain so the British goverment painted the Red fort to prevent it .


Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/housing.com/

7. Delhi was once bound by 14 gatesDelhi was surrounded by 14 gates initially out of which only five still stand. ‘The Kashmere gate’ built in 1835 by Robert Smith is the northernmost gate of the city. ‘The Ajmeri gate’ constructed in 1644 considerably faces Ajmer. ‘The Lahori gate’ is the main entrance into the Red Fort.  ‘The Delhi gate’ also known as the ‘Dilli Darwaza’ is another way into the Red Fort. Lastly, ‘The Turkman gate’ built during the 13th Century is located in Shahjahanabad.


source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/

8.Delhi Connaught place is the 17th expensive office market in the market .


source: https://www.dreamstime.com/


9. Delhi hosted the most expensive commonwealth games . Which was hosted in 2010 held in Delhi is the most expensive , which hasn’t beat by any country yet.Commonwealth Games held in 2010 in Delhi went on for nearly two weeks. To date, it’s reported to be the largest and most precious of all CWGs in the world. But hey, they at least got A R Rahman to perform for the opening form so we ’d say it was plutocrat well- spent.


source: https://www.csmonitor.com/

10.  Delhi is the largest city in India The capital has a total of 11 political zones which are further divided into 95 police stations.

11. Delhi is also called ‘Lutyens Delhi’As the capital was designed by the British architects – Sir Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens, the city is also known as Lutyens Delhi to honour his contribution.

source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/

12. utyen’s Delhi – Lutyens is the name of the Prominent platoon member of Engineers. Their name is associated with the architectural design of Rastrapati Bhavan. Lutyens ’ Delhi is an area in New Delhi, India, named after the British mastermind Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was responsible for important of the architectural design and structure during the period of the British Raj, when India was part of the British Empire in the 1920s and 1930s and 1940s. He was also associated with designing of Lutyen’s Delhi is a home of top Politicians including the Prime Minister of India, HNI’s( High Net Worth individualities) and leading Industrialists of the Country. There are nearly 950 Sprawling Bungalows.


12. New Delhi and Delhi are two different Places Although used interchangeably, also’s some information about New Delhi – it is not the same as Delhi. Delhi is a state and the municipality at large, while New Delhi is just an area within it. New Delhi is also the capital of the country. And no, Old Delhi and Delhi are not the same also. These are three different places. Confusing, we know

13. One of the Oldest colosseums in India Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi is one of India’s oldest. It’s alternate in age only to Kolkata’s notorious Eden auditoriums. It was renamed Arun Jaitley Stadium in 2019, but still holds the heritage of its oldname.However, you may know this place as the home ground of the Delhi centrals, If you ’re an IPL addict.

14. Mention in the Mahabharata still, you could n’t be more incorrect, If you suppose Delhi is a new megacity. Delhi, before known as Indraprastha, goes back to the Mahabharata. Indraprasth was mentione in the story of panavas but , now no one know and call this state by previous name . Now everyone call it by the nale of Delhi as the Delhi metro, Delhi dtc and etc.

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