5 Hidden Heritage places of Delhi

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Delhi is full of heritage places. You can see them at numerous corridor or regions of delhi like north, south, east and west. The most polpular heritage in delhi and the brand icon of our coupss is the” India gate”, qutub kinar and etc. The heritage places are designed by UNESCO for having artistic, literal, scientific or other from of significance. Today I’m going to tell you hidden heritage places of delhi

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

1. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is orginally erected in 14th century by the Firoz Shah Tughlaq, as royal stalking chesterfield. But now it remain neglected by the people and it’s also vacated and desolate Mahal. Bhuli bhatiyari ka mahal is only interested and call by the excursionists and shutterbugs. The design and the grenery of the around it’s so good for the shutterbugs and for the people who want to spend time in grenery with a fresh air. There’s story behind that mahal, that makes it so intriguing and creates the curiosity to visit it. People also hear some metaphysical conditioning.

▪︎I am attaching a URL a story behind it’s” ”

▪︎ position :Southern Ridge Forest Fort, New Delhi, Delhi.

▪︎ How to reach :jhandewala is the nearest metro station. You can also take hack or bus gharry to the southern crest timber. 1st hidden heritage places of delhi


source : www.theunityexpo.com

Jahaz Mahal

Jahaz Mahal , The jahaz mahal is the retired gem in the Delhi to visit. It was make in 15th century by the Sultan Ghiyas- ud- noise- khalji. It look like a floating boat because the reflection( vision) in the girding force looked like a boat floating on a lake. Visting that place gives a quiet better experience to you. There’s also a story behind that mahal, which you can read on the this URL””

▪︎ position :Talaab Lane, Aam Bagh, khandasa colony, Mehrauli, New Delhi .

▪︎ How to reach : The nearest Metro station is Qutub Minar, from there you can take bus gharry for the place, or you can reach the place directly through a hack or an bus gharry.

source: https://www.agatetravel.com/jahaz-mahal-mandu-india.html

The Southern wall of the palace has collapsed, giving it aU-shaped structure, which else would ’ve been a blockish yard. Red sandstone is the principal material used. The palace houses emotional chattris( landmarks), the blue penstocks incontinently standing out amidst the remains, especially on the centre pate. substantially adorning the roof, these landmarks are intricately sculpted with supporting pillars ranging from 6 to 12 all. A ‘ Mihrab ’( niche) on the west wall of the ground bottom denotes the presence of a small synagogue , adjoined by small chambers on either side. The alleys and the staircase have a narrow profile that leads up to the roof, giving a raspberry’s- eye view of the congested treasure trove of the ancient architectural heritage that’s Mehrauli.

Majnu ka tila

3. Majnu ka Tila Tibetan colony Ut was make in 1950 it’s also called” Delhi little tibet”, this place is the house to the deportees from tibet whose first language is still Tibetan. This place is known for there various and narrow thoroughfares. You can do a lot of staff there like shoping, fun, clubbing, photography and etc. It’s a quiet decent and intriguing place to visit. It’s located in north section of Delhi which provides a relatively, a pictorial display of the Tibetan culture in the form of the tabernacles, cafes, caffes , bookshops and the guest houses that the place has.

▪︎position : GT Road, New Delhi

▪︎How to reach :Take a Metro lift to the Vidhan Sabha Metro station or rent a hack or an bus to the place.

source: https://www.localsamosa.com/2020/07/02/miss-going-to-majnu-ka-tilla-delhi/

Bhardwaj Lake

4. Bhardwaj Lake Asola It’s the retired gem of the Delhi towards the southern end of the megacity. This lake positioned in the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, an area that’s reserved by the Delhi Wildlife Department You can spot some catcalls and beast. There are 193 species of raspberry, 80 species of butterflies and some insects, mammals similar as barracuda, nilgai( blue bull), black bull. It’s a relatively place to visit with a great nature, view, atmosphere and the chastity in air can give you a positive vibes.

▪︎position :Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, New Delhi.

▪︎ How to reach :The nearest Metro station is Badarpur, gharry or a hack can also be preferred until the wildlife sanctuary, from there on there has to walk to the lake.


Bijay Mandal

5. Bijay Mandal Another one of the masterpiece arcitectural was make in 14th century. It’s considered to have been first constructed by Alauddin khalji and latterly repaired by Mohammad bin tuglaq. The is also a retired gem of the megacity when it comes among the top contendors.

▪︎position : Begumpur, New delhi

▪︎How to reach : The nearest Metro station is Hauz Khas; you can take an bus gharry from Hauz Khas to the stronghold. A direct bus gharry or hack to the stronghold can also be decided for.

source: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/bijay-mandal

A place like Delhi is stylish in numerous ways with some of the stylish places both natural and man- made. Enjoy a day trip to any of the places mentioned over and understand the truest depth of the greatness of the capital megacity of India. These places can also give good passions, positive vibes and the fresh air can change your mood fully.

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